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Welcome to sureshjewellers.in    and its associates who are providing their wonderful service to you along with the following Terms and Conditions. When you are shopping at sureshjewellers.in   , then you are liable to accept these conditions so please read all the conditions carefully. When you are using our current or future Sureshjewellers.in    service or purchasing from other business affiliated with the Sureshjewellers.in    that is whether or not included with our Sureshjewellers.in    website, then you would be subjected to follow the complete Conditions and Guidelines that are applicable with the business or service.


Please review Privacy Policy that governs you to shop at www.Sureshjewellers.in    and understand complete practices. All of your data would be received by our in India. In case, when someone accessed the Sureshjewellers.in    with your Username and Password without your knowledge then you must notify us immediately via email or Contact us through the address provided on the Contact Us page.


When you are visiting our www.Sureshjewellers.in    or sending us email then you are directly communicating with us in the electronically manner. You would be consent to receive the electronic communication in the faster way. Our team would be communicating with you via Email or posting notices on the website. When you are communication with us, you agree to all the notices, disclosures, agreements and other communications that we are providing you in the electronically basis that satisfies all the legal requirements that includes communications be writing.


To become Members prior to completion of transaction on our Website, the user could register on our Website. Guest checkout could be provided through the User account with the completion of the purchase.

User needs to provide their Personal Information to register onto our Website defined by Privacy Policy that are not limited by the Name, E-Mail, Contact Address, Contact Number as well as customer verification question are used for verification.

Registration is only the one time process so when the User has registered previously then he/she could Login or Sign into their account with their Username and Password.


All the products or services information are displayed on the www.Sureshjewellers.in    (“Website” or “www.Sureshjewellers.in   ”) that constitutes an invitation to offer. All of your orders purchased based on constitutes that shall be subject to the Terms of Use which are listed herein. The Sureshjewellers.in    also reserves right to reject or accept the offer that are in the part or as the full. Upon dispatch of the product our acceptance of your order would take place. Dispatch of the product ordered could or could not happen at same time even in such scenario that have the portion of each order that are dispatched are deemed to have accepted by our Sureshjewellers.in   . In fact, Sureshjewellers.in    reserves right to reject or accept such balance order and the balance order would continue to offer to Sureshjewellers.in   . Prior to the actual dispatch No omission or act of Sureshjewellers.in    ordered will constitute acceptance of the offer. When you have given us with the email address of yours, we would automatically notify you via Email as soon as possible for making the confirmation according to the receipt of your order. Our service would email you again to confirm the dispatch as well as acceptance of the order.


Only to the persons who can form the legal binding contracts under applicable law could Use our Website. Individuals who are much “incompetent to contract” based on Indian Contract Act, 1872 that includes un-discharged insolvents etc will not be eligible for using the website. If you are under 18 years of age, then you are prohibited to access or use or purchase or contract form in our website. Such individuals are prohibited from any kind of purchasing the products that are for the adult consumption. Purchase or sale of which by/to the minors are strictly prohibited. If Sureshjewellers.in    discovers that you are below 18 years of age, then our Sureshjewellers.in    has the right to terminate the membership as well as refuse to provide the complete access of our website. Individuals whose membership that are terminated or suspended by the Sureshjewellers.in    for any reason whatsoever could not access our website. When you are registering as the Business entity then you are representing to your business completely and you are bind to the entity to Agreement. Materials on our website will be directed solely to those who are accessing our web service from India. Individuals who choose to visit our website from other countries outside India will be responsible for compliance according to their local laws if the local laws are applicable. Sureshjewellers.in    makes No Representation for the products or services that are referred in the materials on our website that are appropriate to use. Sureshjewellers.in    delivers you all the products only within India and are not liable with any claims that are relating to the products that are ordered from other countries outside India. In case, if some Indian State prohibits the direct sale of the merchandise from other States in India, then special documentation is required to effect such sale without the dual taxation. In case when Sureshjewellers.in    receives the order from such States or the products to be delivered to that States please refer our shipping policy. In such circumstances our Sureshjewellers.in    has the right to reject or accept the order. When you choose to visit our website from such Indian States that restricts then such use would be responsible for compliance with the local laws to the extent that the local state laws are applicable. Sureshjewellers.in    delivers complete products within states that have the open import policy and we are liable for any claims that are related to the products ordered from the restricted states in India.


Øsureshjewellers.in    offers you the Limited permission for accessing as well as making your personal use of our site but not to download or modifying completely or any portion. The authorization does not include the following: Any collection or use of the Item listings, descriptions, or prices

  • Any commercial use or resale of our site and its contents
  • Any copying or downloading of your account information for benefits of another merchant
  • Any collection or harvesting information about others that includes e-mail addresses without their consent
  • Revision or deletion of any material or other information on our website
  • Any kind of derivative use of our site and its contents
  • Any collection or use of the data located on our website for the litigation or for any kind of legislative purposes
  • Allows other individual or the entity that uses your identifying information or Customer Number
  • Use of inaccurate or false information for the purposes of establishing your account with us
  • Trying to disassemble, decompile, decipher or reverse engineer of any software comprising as well as to make a part of the Service. Our site or any other portion of our site must not be duplicated, reproduced, visited, sold, resold, copied or exploited otherwise for any kind of commercial purpose without expressing the written consent of the Sureshjewellers.in    . It is necessary not to use any kind of proprietary information that includes text, images, page layout, or any other forms of Sureshjewellers.in    as well as our affiliates without expressing the written consent from the website. You should not use the meta tags or other "hidden text" that utilizes the name or trademarks of Sureshjewellers.in    without the expressing the written consent of Sureshjewellers.in   . You are only granted for the limited, nonexclusive, and revocable right to create a hyperlink of home page of Sureshjewellers.in    and the link do not portray the Sureshjewellers.in    and its affiliates products or services in misleading, false, derogatory or offensive matter. Any unauthorized use of the information of the website would terminate the permission granted by the Sureshjewellers.in   . It is necessary not to use the Sureshjewellers.in    logo, trademark as well as other proprietary graphic of the link without expressing the written permission.


The Contents that is included on our site such as Text, Graphics, Logos, Images, Audio Clips, Data Compilations, Digital Downloads, Software as well as Button Icons are the property of Sureshjewellers.in    along with the content suppliers. Compilation of all contents of the site is property of Sureshjewellers.in   . Software that is used on the site is property of the Sureshjewellers.in   . The software used on our site is property of Sureshjewellers.in    as well as its software suppliers.


Names, logos, trademarks and service marks displayed on our website are the registered as well as unregistered trademarks of our website owner. There is nothing contained on our website must be redesigned or constructed are granted the license as well as right to use any trademark the name or logo without prior written permission of website owner.


When you are accessing and using the website, then you are completely responsible to maintain the confidentiality of your account Username as well as Password to restrict the access to the Computer. You agree to accept the complete responsibility for such activities that occurs with your account Username and Password. You agree to notify us immediately about any kind of unauthorized use of Customer account or number as well as any breach of the security. The Sureshjewellers.in    and its affiliates have the right to terminate accounts, refuse service, edit or remove content, cancel orders or sole discretion. Sureshjewellers.in    does not like to receive proprietary, confidential or trade secret information of the website that excludes the information related to any order that you have submitted. Please note that all the materials, suggestions, information, comments or ideas sent to Sureshjewellers.in    are deemed as non-confidential. With submitting the information, you will be granted Sureshjewellers.in    the unrestricted license and irrevocable to use, reproduce, transmit, modify, distribute and display such materials, suggestions, information, comments or ideas for any purpose whatsoever. We will not use your Username with the connection of such materials, suggestions, information, comments or ideas unless we obtain your permission first or otherwise required by law to do so. You agree and confirm to the following terms:

  • In the event of Non-delivery of the products occurs based on the account that is made mistake by you such as wrong name, wrong address or any other wrong information that has any extra cost that is incurred by the Sureshjewellers.in    to redeliver could be claimed and you need to pay with that cost.
  • Delivery of the product address ordered by you could be made in the correct with the proper respects.
  • Placing an order will check for product description carefully placed for the product that is agreed be bound by the conditions of sale as well as invitation that are offered are included in the items description.


Our Team welcomes your comment regarding all kinds of items, services as well as website. It is convenient to post reviews, comments and other content with submitting the suggestions, comments, questions, ideas or other information. You can also send e-Gift Certificates along with other communications and then submit your suggestions, comments, questions, ideas, or other information. The content is not illegal, threatening, defamatory, obscene, infringing of intellectual property rights, invasive of privacy, objectionable or injurious to third parties that does not consists of the contain software viruses, commercial solicitation, political campaigning, chain letters, or mass mailings or any form of "spam. You could not use the false e-mail address or impersonate any individual or entity or even mislead the origin of a card along with other contents. The Sureshjewellers.in    has the right to edit or remove such content as well as do not review posted content regularly. When you are submitting the material or doing the content post unless we indicate otherwise grant Sureshjewellers.in    with its affiliates the nonexclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free and fully sublicensable the right to reproduce, modify, use, adapt, publish, translate, adapt, create derivative, display and distribute such content in any media throughout the world. Sureshjewellers.in    and its affiliates have the sublicenses so that having the right to use the name that you are submitting based on your connection with the content that they choose. You also warrant and represent that you have owned or otherwise controlling all the rights to the content you post and the content is accurate along with the use of the content that you supply does not violate the policy would not cause the injury to any individual or entity and it is necessary to indemnify Sureshjewellers and its affiliates for the claims immediately thus resulting with the content you supply. In fact the Sureshjewellers.in    also has the right but not obligation to monitor or edit or remove any content or activity. Sureshjewellers.in    does not take any responsibility as well as no liability for the posted content by you or any third party on the website.


The User must understand that using this Website or services that are provided on website could encounter the Content deemed by some indecent, objectionable or offensive so that the Content may or may not be identified. On accessing the website, you also agree to use our website and service at the sole risk along with the fullest extent permitted under the applicable law so the Sureshjewellers.in    and its affiliates have no liability for the Contents that may be deemed indecent, objectionable or offensive to you.


Sureshjewellers.in    and its affiliates also attempts are accurate as possible and the Sureshjewellers.in    do not warrant about the product description and other description on the site that are accurate, reliable, current, complete, error-free and many more. Product offered by the Sureshjewellers.in    not as described that has the sole remedy to return unused condition.


Occasionally, we could also make the link to the third party's website available. Links also let you to leave the website and linked websites will not be under any kind of control that are not responsible for contents link contained or the linked website, updates to such websites or any changes. Our Sureshjewellers.in    is not responsible with the webcasting or form of transmission received from the linked website. Links are provided to you as convenience and our team do not endorse the third party linked website as well as use or contents.


There may be certain purchased orders that we could not accept and they could be cancelled. We have the right, to cancel or refuse any order at our sole discretion for any reason. In case, at some of the situations, that results if the order being canceled including the limitations on quantities that are available for the purchase, errors in product, inaccuracies problems identified on the payment processor’s credit due to fraud avoidance department or pricing information. We also require additional information or verifications before accepting any order. When your order is cancelled after the credit / debit card charged, then your said amount would be reversed back to your Card Account. We will inform you in case of any portion or all of your orders are canceled as well as if there is any kind of additional information required to accept your order. We seek authorization on Card for aggregate amount of order placed by you and we could also charge your card only with amount corresponding based on the actual portion of order we are able/willing to fulfill along with the any associated shipping taxes / charges and levies. We might have the originally sought with the any surplus amount and received an authorization on your card from the Card Issuer. In case, if not captured by us during the transaction period, it would be stipulated by the Payment Processor will not be charged / captured. However the same are charged to your bank account / card in error, then we would refund it as soon as possible and the same is realized by us when brought to our notice. Sureshjewellers.in    has the right to capture or charge your card for the partial or full authorized amount for your order.


You could easily cancel your order or items before we bill it and then ship it to your address. You would not get the refund by returning merchandise subject according to the certain conditions. Get complete details about exercise right please see Returns Policy. We receive cancellation notice if the order has not been approved or processed by us. We would cancel order and refund entire amount in case of charged to your card. Customer agrees not to disputes decision made by the Sureshjewellers.in    and accepted by the Sureshjewellers.in    with decision regarding cancellation.


Your Price displayed for each and every product on the website that represents full price of the product except where they are noted otherwise applicable taxes as well as shipping charges unless they are specified otherwise with the Shipping Fees. With the best efforts, small number of items is catalog could be mispriced but if we discovered the mispricing then we do the following:

  • When the item's correct price are higher when compared to the stated price then we will contact you for any instructions or cancel your order before shipping. We would either contact you to know about your instructions or cancel before shipping.
  • When the item's correct price are lower than the stated price then we would charge lower amount with shipping you the product in case of notify you of such cancellation
  • Products sold on Sureshjewellers.in    are charged with your credit card before your order is entered with the shipping process. We could able to ship your products according to your order and we would imitate you based on the electronically along with which we would refund the value of the products when not available. Additional Shipping Fees will not be refunded.


All the purchased items from the Sureshjewellers.in    will be made as the pursuant to shipment contract and it means that risk of loss for such items will be on us until the courier partner delivers at your doorstep. The risk of loss passes onto you only when after the delivery of the product.


You understand, conform and agree that the debit card or credit card data or any other financial information given by you for the purpose of availing of products on our Sureshjewellers.in    or online showroom will be accurate and correct as well as you never use debit card/ credit card of fiscal facility that is not legally obtained or owned by you. Along with this, you can also clearly understand that every financial data provided by you is straightly acquired by our receiving bank and never taken by our online showroom. We will not be responsible for any debit card or credit card scam. The responsibility for exploit of a card falsely will be lying on you and the responsibility to confirm otherwise' will be solely on you. Every data gathered by our team shall be ruled based on our Privacy Practices of Policy.


Sureshjewellers.in    as well as its related acquiring financial institutions of bank keeps the right to recuperate the lawyers’ fees, cost of products and collection charges from individuals using the company dishonestly. Sureshjewellers.in    as well as its related acquiring financial institutions or banks keep the right to state lawful proceedings against certain individuals for false use of our website as well as any other fraudulent acts or omissions or acts in break of the terms & conditions.


  • Customers are banned from trying to violate or violating the security or protection of the business website, such as without limitation,
  • Trying to scan, test or probe the liability of a network or system or to break authentication measures or security without legal authorization;
  • Accessing details not proposed for you or else logging onto an account or a service that you are really not allowed to access;
  • Trying to obstruct with product to some other network, user or host, including without restriction, through means of offering a virus to Website, overloading, 'crashing' 'flooding,' 'mail bombing' or 'spamming’ the Website
  • Forging any IP/TCP packet header or else any segment of header details in any newsgroup posting or email
  • Sending the unsolicited email, such as advertising or/and promotions of services or products;

You concur not to utilize any routine, device of software to attempt or interfere to interfere along with perfect functioning of the website or else any activity or survey being performed on this site. You concur, additionally, not to attempt to use any software, agent, tool or other mechanism or device to search or navigate this site other than search agents and search engine available from the Sureshjewellers.in    on the site as well as other than commonly available 3rd party web browsers. Violations of network or system security may outcome in criminal or civil liability. Additionally, Sureshjewellers.in    will examine occurrences which may involve certain violations as well as may corporate and involve with, the law enforcement establishments in indicting people who are actually involved in certain violations.


Our team respects all the intellectual properties of others. Whether you think that your job is accessible or has been fully copies on the site in a method which constitutes copyright breaches, kindly notify our team and give the following details:A clear explanation of copyrighted task that you maintain has been fully infringed, containing the URL of the position exactly where all the copyrighted tasks available or copy of copyrighted task:

  • Your address, email address, name and telephone number;
  • Identification of URL or specific position on the site where the substance that you maintain is infringing is positioned;
  • A statement which you have a superior faith trust that the exploit of copyright task is not certified by the precise copyright owner, its law of the agent:
  • A clear statement which the details in the description is precise, as well as under lots of false swearing, that the party is either the possessor, or is certified to proceed on behalf of a owner, of a limited copyright right which is supposedly infringed; and
  • A physical or electronic signature of owner or of an individual certified to proceed on behalf of owner of any copyright interest.


Our team may elect to monitor the areas of this site electronically as well as might disclose any records, electronic communication or content of any type, including:

1.     If any disclosure is appropriate or essential to run the website;

2.     To satisfy the regulation, government or law request; or