About Us

Suresh Jewellers is a leading platform which has a team of effective Entrepreneurs developing the existing  jewellers business to the further level by providing various benefits and Quality , on purchasing 916 Hallmark Gold Jewellery  and 999 purity  Silver Supplies, Gold and Silver Coins & Bars on online platform etc.

Our Retail service has been effective serving our customers since 1995 with a sharp spotlight on providing them a wonderful experience in purchasing 916 Hallmark Gold Jewellery and 999 purity Silver Supplies, Gold and Silver Coins & Bars 24kt purity purchase  online site http://sureshjewellers.in/. Our platform is primarily located in Financial Capital of India, which is popularly known as Mumbai at Borivali (west) though we distribute across India accurately to about 1000+ pin codes through insured Parcels. When distributed by our Suresh Jewellers.in, these expensive metals are delivered simply by safe shipping and need an exact signature upon delivery.

Our business entrepreneurs are into retail of 916 Hallmark Gold Jewellery and 999 purity Silver Supplies, Gold and Silver Coins & Bars 24kt purity. Our professionals have been successfully into this jewellers business for more than twenty years. The firm is well known for reliability, quality, performance, excellence , Trust and more in its Time of service. In this chase of quality, the our service grabbed 916 Hallmarking license for precious gold jewellery. Along with this, we also strongly suppose that jewellery item is directly meant to bring pleasure, satisfaction as well as to be effectively worn as an embellishment.

In 2016, we incorporated ventured and backward online selling facility . The choice to go for a backward incorporation was majorly driven by passion in order to provide birth to innovative and new creation and to perform with developing Quality and Trust.


Reliability in innovative developments of innovative trendy designs and styles has been a highlight of our precious products or accessories. In-depth awareness of international market, via wide research work has facilitated amazing jewellery designing and sourcing, to meet every taste. Our specialized designs are modernized constantly in order to suit the present market requirement. We have many in-house designers to effectively serve each and every flavor from time to modern to fusion for our extensive spectrum of consumers. Additionally, we have highly skilled and adept artisans, who develop pieces of elaborate elegance and beauty with world-class perfection.


We, at Suresh jewelers, completely focus on superiority and care is taken in order to make our products superior. All our accessories are certified with purity and Brand Logos, ensuring that all pieces are quality checked. Our team constantly seeks Good Quality to revitalize the customary art by spotlighting latest designs integrating creativity skills and innovation.

Personalized Service

Our  clients is the Queen or King as well as we give  best service on every orders.  Initially, it is very essential to put our customers at flexibility by a hearty smile. If this is our regular client we usually recommend that lead sales staff be familiar with them by their original names and their flavor. This brings a personal and unique touch to our reliable service.

A vital ground rule which we follow: Do not hesitate to demonstrate the client variety even after buy. This is essential to remember that if our client do not purchase from you never show contempt. Never show disinterest. Never judge them by his appearance. The client will surely come again to your shop if they see your superior services are reliable. We also effectively customize our precious jewellery in order to suit all needs at our shop. It provides our consumers personalized touch through the tailor-made designs and styles. All these modifications in terms of consumer services and relationship provided by our team have taken place following an essential structural resolution to grow and expand in the year of 1996.

Product Profile

Our Jewellery has an array of attractive designs and variety in our Jewellery collection. The precious accessories are categorized in 2 brad categories such as 18 cart  to 24 cart of pure 916 Hallmark Gold  Jewellery and 999 Silver purity supplies . Our showrooms have different varieties of Gold  Jewellery including Necklaces sets, Bangles, Rings, Anklets, WaistBelts, Ear chains, Armlets, Bracelets, Pendant sets,Necklaces,  Chains, Tie-pins, Nose rings, Toe rings, Gold pens, Pendants, Cufflinks, Chandeliers, Earrings, statues, Baby rings, Gold Spectacles Frame, Gold & Silver coins, Ginnis, Baby bracelets ,Baby bangles ,Silver Puja Items , Payal , Silver Gifts , Silver wedding gifts etc. This clearly demonstrates that our consumers are all those individuals who wear precious gold jewellery. The product portfolio is divided into different types of jewellery which we have at our reliable showroom. These popular styles consist of:

Quality Policy – Gold

We always believe and think “Quality is a trip travelled as an outcome of smart decisions.” Superiority is our highlight or 916 Hallmark Jewellery  as well as we never compromise here. Our every BIS  (Bureau of Indian Standards) and gold mark is a guarantee to the customers that the precious jewellery has needed required purity in it. All pieces are 916  hallmarked and certified after examining the precious gold jewellery in it. While speaking about BIS  logo, it is along with fineness as well as other markings which are marked on jewellery by quality laser machines at popular 916 hallmarking centers. Only after the precious jewellery is  916 hallmarked does this reach our sales department. The following table provides you all the purity details or information corresponding to various carats, for example, 22 ct to 24 ct precious gold jewellery will possess a purity of 916.

Gold Purity % indicative on a scale of 1000.

Corresponding Carat